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About Gaea HempWorks

Gaea HempWorks was founded with an understanding of the benefits that stem from nature. Our CBD products are derived from hemp and have helped thousands of people with a variety of ailments. At Gaea HempWorks, we believe everyone deserves high-quality CBD products to support their health and well-being.

To give further insight into the essence of Gaea Hemp Works, we need to share what one of our founders experienced, and what ultimately became the genesis of the brand. 


After being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis/Lupus and years of treatment with biological drugs, suffering through weight gain, fluid retention, no energy to get out of bed, and constant pain, this led our founder on a search for a natural remedy.


Having gained over 55 pounds within a month, it became painful for our founder to walk and was plagued with symptoms like severe nausea, bloating, extremely high blood pressure, and insomnia. All these complications made it difficult to even function, but that is when our founder discovered the miracle of Hemp products.

Our Founder's journey began with using CBD oil, and within a week, the founder's family noticed a huge change. Our Founder was able to walk faster, experienced improved sleep, and felt like a new person.


Our Founder was amazed at how much life had changed since using Hemp products. Our founder lost over 30 pounds, experienced little to no pain, blood pressure normalized, and was able to function normally and enjoy life again.

This inspired our Founder to create a brand that would be committed to offering CBD education, products, and more importantly, an opportunity to heal to others who are experiencing similar challenges at this very moment. 

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