CBD Event at Bayway CrossFit!

Hey everyone! We are having our first company team up event! We will be at Bayway Crossfit on August 2nd, 2022 starting at 3:45pm and hanging around until all four classes are done for the day. We will have a table with lots of CBD products to introduce and pass on some information on what CBD is and why it is so important to add it to your health and wellness routine.

If you are a member of the Bayway Crossfit, there will be a challenge for each class that all can attend. The winner of each challenge will get a special give away gift that has some of our favorite products that we love to use ourselves! Each gift will include a product that is sure to be beneficial to anyone who wins it.

What type of products will be at our table?

We want to make sure to have a wide range of products for anyone interested in adding CBD to their daily routine or who has already been using CBD and may want to look at what else is out there and at a better price. We will have tinctures, topicals, gummies, chocolates and some vapes so that anyone can ask about them and maybe also get a bit of knowledge along the way.

We will also be offering custom products to anyone that knows what they really want or has a specific condition they are dealing with. We can modify the cannabinoid percentage, terpenes, add a specific essential oil or even take something out. We want to make sure our customers get exactly what they are looking for!

Future Events

We are excited to participate in this major event for our company, but we always look forward to and aim for the next big thing. If anyone is interested in a company team up event and want to introduce your customers to CBD just reach out to us at info@gaeahempworks.com. We want our name to get out there and we also want to share our products. We believe in and feel our products can benefit so many out there that may not even know what CBD is or its benefits.

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