CBD for Oral Health

CBD has a lot of benefits that range from reducing anxiety symptoms to reducing inflammation to helping manage chronic pain. One area that it has a lot of benefits that many may not be aware of is with our oral health. We have new products coming soon that will help with your oral health that will have CBD but also some other helpful ingredients like hyaluronic acid, salt and aloe vera juice.

CBD benefits

CBD has a lot going for it when it comes to keeping your teeth and mouth healthy. It works very well for decreasing inflammation. It will also help encourage healthy bacteria growth while being an antibacterial aid for any negative bacteria. CBD is an antifungal and can help prevent cavities. It can reduce the change of developing tooth decay.

When CBD is used overtime, it can help lessen the risk of gum disease. If you have a mouth wound or have had dental work, it can accelerate the healing process and reduce recovery time. CBD can help prevent the deterioration of your jawbone, restore pH balance to the mouth, increase remineralization of the teeth and relieve tooth pain.

Hyaluronic Acid benefits

Another ingredient we feel proud to include in our future oral health products is hyaluronic acid. Many use this supplement for healthy and moisturized skin as well as joint health. But there are also some positive benefits that it will provide when added to your oral health routine.

Hyaluronic acid has shown to have anti-inflammatory as well as having some anti-bacterial effects, specifically when treating periodontal disease. It can also be helpful when trying to get rid of oral lesions and oral ulcers. Hyaluronic acid may also help to relieve tooth pain.

Saltwater benefits

We will be providing two different types of mouthwash / mouth rinse. One will be focused more on healing and will include salt mixed with distilled water to create a salt rinse. Saltwater has many benefits to include stopping the growth of bacteria in your mouth, helps in the healing process after a dental procedure, and help with temporarily soothe oral pain.

Saltwater can also help with gum infection. One of the biggest benefits with a salt rinse is that it can help heal and reduce canker sores. If you decide to gargle with the salt rinse, you will also notice other benefits like help with a sore throat, a reduction in allergy symptoms, and help with common colds.

Aloe Vera Juice benefits

Our second product for oral hygiene will be an aloe vera juice based mouthwash. This one will not have the salty taste of the other product, but will still provide many benefits. Aloe vera juice is helpful with the treatment of periodontal disease. It can help keep your gums healthy, clean your teeth, and eliminate cavity causing bacteria. Lastly, aloe vera juice can accelerate healing and reduce pain that is associated with canker sores.

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