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Updated: Jun 6

When it comes to CBD and helping with health and wellness, we all have questions that may not be the easiest to get concrete answers for. As a source of information, we can often be limited on how we are allowed to answer those questions by law. Below is a sequence of questions we were asked by one of our customers. We hope that you as a reader will find the answers useful or that you also had the same questions!

Will this affect my cognitive function?

There are no known negative effects on cognitive function for CBD. When people think of any negative effects of hemp or cannabis, they are often thinking of THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid. You need to have a high amount of THC to start seeing negative results, as well as little to no CBD at the same time which can buffer the negative effects. On the other hand, there have been a few studies that are looking at the benefits of CBD in memory, focus, and neurogenesis.

Will this affect my job and my ability to keep my job?

There are no known negative effects on the ability to do one’s job. CBD has been noted in some studies to decrease stress in the workplace, which could actually increase work productivity. When it comes to drug testing, contact your HR to see what their policy is on CBD products. If they have a strict no drug policy, it may be best to avoid all CBD products, even ones that are labeled NO THC.

Are their any known side effects?

CBD is considered a generally safe substance, but as with anything, there are some possible side effects which are usually mild if they do occur. Side effects will be person specific as well as dose dependent. Common side effects that have been noted are drowsiness, light headedness, gastrointestinal issues, dry mouth, nausea, and it can interfere with existing medical prescriptions.

Will it conflict with any of my medications?

You should always consult your doctor when considering CBD for assistance with any ailment. Try to find one that is familiar with CBD benefits and is willing to work with you on dosage and monitoring of your condition.

There is a list of medications that should be closely monitored if taken alongside products that contain THC.

The medications that come up when taking CBD only products include things like warfarin, amiodarone, levothyroxine, clobazam, lamotrigine, and valproate.

What will this help with?

While we are not allowed to make any medical claims about CBD and our products, we can take a look at what others are saying. Looking at WebMD they say, “Proponents of CBD oil and other CBD products claim that it can be used to treat conditions such as chronic pain, inflammation, migraines, epilepsy, autoimmune diseases, depression, and anxiety.”

Forbes Health lists 9 science backed benefits such as: offset anxiety and depression, treat select epilepsy syndromes, reduce PTSD symptoms, treat opioid addiction, alleviate ALS symptoms, relieve unmanageable pain, ease diabetic complications, protect against neurological disease, and inhibit arthritis symptoms. While there is a lot of ongoing research as well as some really good book references, sadly right now it is mostly up to the individual person to do their own research and see if CBD is a good fit for their health and wellness program.

Is it legal?

Hemp and hemp products at a federal level are legal to purchase and consume. Hemp is defined as a cannabis plant that contains less than 0.3% THC by weight. Each state may have additional laws that may make it illegal, so it is best to investigate your current state’s laws and verify CBD’s status.

How often can I take it?

CBD can be taken once a day or up to three times a day. When you do take multiple doses be sure that they are smaller doses and are separated by at least 6 to 8 hours. Most people assume that more is better, but when it comes to using CBD as a health and wellness tool, it is best to find the lowest dose possible that provides the benefit you need and stop there. If you start to notice less of an affect, we suggest cutting the dose in half and then moving up slowly from there as often the body will need less CBD overtime as it starts to get healthier.

Can I overuse it?

As of yet, there have been no proven deaths due to the overdose of CBD. That being said, too much of a good thing can still be bad for you. If CBD is taken in large quantities, it can have side effects such as extreme drowsiness, lethargy, upset stomach, nausea, diarrhea and can be disorienting.

How often can I use it and it still be useful?

CBD can be taken every day as long as you can still see or feel some benefits from it. If you start to notice less of a benefit it may be time to take a 3 to 7 day break to allow the body’s endocannabinoid system to reset. Once you start up again try half the dose you were last using and go up slowly again. You may notice you will not need as much to get the same benefit as before.

Will the body adapt to it and then no longer be useful?

Yes, the body will adapt to CBD, but not in the same way as most other medications that you build up a tolerance. When your body starts to heal you may notice what is referred to as reverse tolerance. Your new “sweet spot” for therapeutic use of CBD will be less than it was before.

As an example, let’s say you notice you get lots of energy with CBD at a full dropper of our product which provides 50mg of CBD. After some time, you notice you aren’t getting as much of that benefit. Cut your dosage in half (half a dropper which would be 25mg) and you may notice you get that original benefit with much less CBD needed.

When will I know I am at the right amount to use?

Always start at a very low dose if you are new to CBD. 5 to 10mg is a good starting point. If you start to feel the benefits you are looking for then stay here. Every three days you can add an additional 5mg and keep going until you either start to see benefits or start to feel adverse effects. This is referred to as micro dosing. Everyone is different so it is up to you to know the best dose for your body at this current time.

Which is better the topicals or the edibles?

Each product provides its own benefits and uses. You cannot really compare a topical to an edible as they work in different ways on the body. Normally you will want to use a topical for local pain or skin issues. CBD will not easily absorb through the skin by itself so normally you will feel the benefit in joints and muscles that are closer to the skin.

Edibles are best when you want to feel the effects for deeper issues as well as systemically. If you have pain in your wrist and fingers you may lean towards a topical. If you have chronic pain or pain in many parts of the body, you may get better results with an edible. You can always use them together to get an even greater therapeutic effect.

Is there a point when you stop using it and if so, will there be withdrawal issues?

CBD will not cause any withdrawal issues. If you must stop taking it for some reason, you may notice that the symptoms you were using CBD for may come back. The best way to use CBD is to get the benefits you are looking for. Once you are in a good place, use other healthy activities to fix the main issues that are causing your symptoms.

If you use CBD for pain, use the time you have pain relief to stretch, massage, or strengthen the area to stop the pain. If you use CBD to aid with anxiety or depression, use the time you feel relief to add meditation, exercise, or to get outside in the sun to keep those benefits more permanent.

Will the cost supersede my needs?

A budget is something that is personal and will vary person to person. All quality products will have a cost, but we try to do our best to offer very competitive pricing. The best way to compare products that are similar in quality is to look at the price per mg of CBD. The cheaper the mg of CBD the more affordable a product is.

For our products, you will get the most CBD for your money by using the RSO capsules. The only downside is there is no way to micro dose or change the dose easily as it is a concentrate inside of a pill. We feel the benefits far outweigh the cost and we have many affiliates that can offer discount codes to make your purchases even more cost-effective.

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