We have New Products Coming!

We have been working on a few new additions to sell on our website. Some of the new products are a heat pain salve, a sleep tincture, a CBD isolate tincture and some stevia based gummies. We will also be offering some other products from other brands to help complement what we already offer and provide similar products with different price points.

It has taken us a bit of time but we believe we have perfected how we want our new topical to feel. It will be a pain CBD rub that provides some heating as well as cooling when applied. The heating can intensify if you apply steady pressure to the area like a wrap or even applying it to your lower back before driving.

We have gotten a lot of positive feedback on this product so far and now that we have the new labels and test back we can officially add it to our website. We look forward to being able to offer this great product to our customers and having it help you with your pain relief regiment. The main base will have cayenne infused oil so be sure to wash your hands before touching your face or any other sensitive area!

We also have a Sleep Essentials Tincture!

Another new product we want to introduce is our version of a sleep tincture. We have included ingredients that should help you relax mentally and physically so that you can slowly drift off into a perfect restful state. This will not act like a sleep pill, it will not instantly knock you out. Most sleep pills will help you get to sleep, but will provide restless sleep or make you groggy in the morning.

Our sleep tincture is completely natural and our first version will have no THC in it! We wanted to make sure as many people will have access to it in case there are any out there that need to avoid THC. You can take this product each evening if you know you already have trouble sleeping, or if you are like me, you can take it the next night after having a single bad night of sleep to make sure you don't have two bad nights in a row.

CBD Isolate?

Previously we did not have access to a CBD Isolate tincture. We know many out there have to be very safe when it comes to what types of products they can use or consume due to their workplace having extremely intolerant drug policy.

Well our answer to that is to provide some products that do not have any THC at all and also minimize any cannabinoids that may have a small chance of showing up as a false positive. When you take a CBD Isolate product, you can be as stress free as possible while still feeling the benefits of adding CBD to your life and health and wellness routine.

Do you like CBD Gummies?

We love the idea of CBD gummies. You get the benefits of CBD but also a nice treat in the process. The main problem is every single CBD gummy we could find out there has some form of corn starch and sugar or other unhealthy sugar substitute. We have gone through quite a bit of trial and error to make some CBD gummies with as much healthy and natural ingredients as possible!

So we are proud to introduce our new stevia based gummies! We have removed all the sugar from our recipe and have switched it out for our favorite natural sweetener. We also replaced the corn starch with a more natural alternative, tapioca starch. The taste is amazing and now they are even more friendly to those that are diabetic or want to avoid high sugar in their CBD edibles. We will be offering normal flavors as well as sour flavors in two different sizes.

Have any product ideas?

We are more than happy to make new products that will help our customers get exactly what they are looking for. Do you want a specific amount of CBD per tincture? Do you want a specific type or ratio of cannabinoids? Do you have any experience in the past with a certain CBD product and know it works better than anything else? Let us know and we can do our best to make it just for you.

If you have a specific condition you are wanting help with, we would love to do the research for you and provide you with what type of product we think would be helpful. You can provide feedback and if you give us feedback and a testimonial, we may even name the product after you as our thanks! Be sure to email us at info@gaeahempworks.com with any ideas, feedback, or testimonials so we can make sure our products are the best on the market!

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